Plot summary

The Summer of Love has just ended, and the 1967 university year is beginning. Carol, a shy, small-town girl, finds that college life is about more than studies. With the help of her room-mate, Amber, she learns something of dramatic pursuits -- and the pursuit of men. Lisa, an idealistic young folk singer, introduces her to the world of mind-altering drugs, while Doug, the campus radical, does his best to politicize her. But It is Terry, the editor of the campus newspaper, who provides a helping hand as she navigates the often turbulent waters of university life in the Sixties.

Character list: five main parts with solos (Carol, Amber, Lisa, Doug,Terry), two supporting roles (the often-tipsy Dean of Women and an unethical professor), and a host of university students and academics. The Beatles make musical contributions, dressed in their Sergeant Pepper uniforms.



A Tiny Drop of Sherry

Looking for Mr Right



Act I, Scene 1:


1967 The Musical

A musical in two acts

Book, lyrics and music by Mark DeWolf