Plot summary

The job market is really tight, so Sean, a young marketing graduate, disguises himself as a woman to get a promising job in the perfume department of a ritzy department store, He finds himself working closely with Stephanie, a bright and ambitious female employee, and becomes increasingly attracted to her. Should he reveal his true identity and declare his love -- but in doing so, risk losing the all-important job? When a multi-millionaire perfume manufacturer from Paris begins showering Stephanie with attention (and expensive gifts), Sean's dilemma becomes even more agonizing. And Mrs Worthington, the store manager, is starting to get suspicious....


Most scenes are in the perfume department of a large department store, with a few other short scenes that can be performed in front of curtain


Five major parts (Sean, Stephanie, Mrs Worthington, the millionaire, and the Narrator/Chorus), four supporting parts (Stephanie's female co-workers, and the millionaire's secretary) and a host of employees and shoppers.


The Temple of Endless Consumption and Stuff

Nothing but Love


Act I, Scene 1:


One Scent Sale

A musical in two acts

Book, lyrics and music by Mark DeWolf