Plot summary

Jack, the younger of a miller's two sons, hopes that his late father will have left him a lute and a donkey so that he can travel the land as a minstrel -- despite an appalling lack of musical ability. Unfortunately, his older brother Ruthless inherits not only the mill but the lute and donkey as well. Puss, Jack's loyal cat, suddenly reveals an ability to speak, and he promises to help Jack achieve fame and fortune if he will only provide him with a good pair of boots. When Ruthless throws some boots at Jack, Puss gets his wish and sets about transorming his master into the fictional Marquis of Carabas, and so helping him to win the hand of the beautiful and clever Princess Gillian.



Character list

Puss, a cat of unusual resource

Jack, a handsome but somewhat naive and helpless young man

Ruthless, Jack's nasty older brother



Princess Gillian

A Royal Servant

The Ogre

A Travelling Peddlar

The Ogre's Butler

Cedric, a Page to the Ogre


Act I, Scene 1:

Puss in Boots

A musical for the Christmas season

Book by Ray Whitley and Mark DeWolf

Lyrics by Jim Bennett

Music by John Roby and Jim Bennett