Plot summary

Kai and Gerda are good friends who live right next door to each other in a small Danish town. Gerda lives with her grandmother, Mother Fraulich, a good-hearted woman whose short-sightedness does not prevent her from having eyes for Mr Pedersen, the best wood carver in town (and the play's narrator). When Kai is lured by the Snow Queen into her sleigh, Gerda sets out to find him and rescue him from the Queen's icy clutches. Along the way, she meets a variety of odd people and animals, some of whom provide help and some of whom prove to be agents of the Snow Queen. Two inept Imps who are trying to deliver a magic mirror to the Snow Queen complicate matters still further, but in the end, purity of heart and unselfish love triumph over all.


A flexible set is required, as the scene settings include the rooftop of Kai and Gerda's houses, the kitchen of Gerda's house, a number of outdoor locations, and the icy palace of the Snow Queen.


The main characters are Kai, Gerda, Mother Frolich, Mr Pedersen, the Snow Queen, Imp Possible and Imp Plausible.Supporting parts include Sir George Antler (a cowardly deer), Herr Krohn (a friendly wizard), Mr Cones and Mr Hemlock (two vaudevillian trees), a crow who strongly resembles W.C. Fields, and a lonely Robber Girl who comes to Gerda's rescue.


A Tiny Bit of Love (Mr. Pedersen and Kai)

Think Bad - Think Big (Imp Perfect)

An Antler's Not Afraid to Run Away (Sir George Antler)

Song of the Robbers (Robber Band)

Do Some Concentration (Herr Krohn)

Now It's Christmas


Act I, Scene 1:

The Snow Queen

A Christmas musical in two acts

Book and lyrics by Ray Whitley and Mark DeWolf

Music by John Roby

Originally staged at Halilfax's Neptune Theatre, December, 1977